Delorce's Bird Barn
Charleston, South Carolina
843.216.1553 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Delorce’s Bird Barn has been raising exotic companion birds since 1970. Delorce Bennett has a great love for birds and has extensive knowledge on breeding several unique species such as, the hyacinth macaw, the blue throated macaw, the golden conure and the mitchell cockatoo. She also breeds caiques, conures, cockatoos, quakers, and african grey. Click here to see the list of all species that she breeds.

Delorce is very involved with the welfare of her birds even after they go to their new homes. She offers health and behavioral consultation to the families who adopt her birds.

Just read the happy comment from a previous customer!

“What a wonderful lady, she is very sweet, and was a joy to work with. I got a Blue Quaker from her and would do business with her at any time, she is a very caring lady.”

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